The Natural Born Losers Photo Gallery

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"Plain Vanilla" Version

Upon close examination, it is obvious that the "Plain Vanilla" set of the so-called Natural Born Losers series is identical to the Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque set, cropped so as to remove the GotG logo. For that reason, we feel that exhibition of the "Plain Vanilla" set in this archive would be redundant.

It also appears that Rusty's set is derived from the GotG set; for example, if you compare #5 in Rusty's set with #4 in the GotG set at a three- to four-fold magnification, it is obvious that the background has been duplicated in the lower right corner so as to cover up the GotG logo. However, the high quality of the commentary appended by Rusty mandates that this set also be shown. Rusty has also re-ordered them in order to tell the story better.

The Gallery of the Grotesque Version

Rusty's Annotated Version

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